Online Casino Games

The games that online casinos offer can be extremely varied – in fact, making a list that would cover all the available games and their variations would be next to impossible, as new titles are being released with every passing month. Below, you will find a short list of some of the most popular categories of online casino games, which usually generate the most traffic and which can be used to clear numerous lucrative casino bonuses:

Online Slots

Online slot machines are virtually no different from their land-based counterparts. You select the number of pay lines that you want to play, adjust your bet settings, press the spin button and see whether the symbols form any winning combinations when the reels stop spinning. Consequently, online slots are very easy to play and allow you to score massive wins, including life-changing jackpots. They also come with a wide variety of themes and usually have great production values, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the biggest casinos offer about 100 different slots or even more.

Online casino slots can vary greatly based on the type of software the casino uses. Typically you’ll find the same variations of slot games that you can play for real money at any brick-and-mortar casino.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are three-reel games that basically mimic the gaming experience of the old-school fruit machines such as 777. The gameplay is very simple and fast-paced, but classic slots usually lack any bonus rounds or flaring special effects that make the video slots so exciting to play.

Video Slots

Most video slots are five-reel machines that expand on the classic slot formula by introducing bonus rounds, mini-games, free spins, wilds and scatter symbols. The gameplay might actually get somewhat complicated when compared with classic slots, so you should always take a look at the pay table before playing any game of this type.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Generally, slot jackpots are fixed payouts that are entirely funded by the casino. However, in the case of progressive jackpot games, the operator funds only the initial seed amount, which is increased every time one of the players invests some funds into the game. As a result, progressive jackpots can grow indefinitely, allowing the luckiest casino enthusiasts to win well in excess of $1,000,000. Whenever somebody manages to claim the main prize, the jackpot is reset back to the seed amount.

3D Slots

3D Slots are video slots that feature three-dimensional graphics, which can easily match modern console video games in terms of the overall quality and art design. Unlike in most traditional video slots, the sound track is usually prepared by a professional studio, the symbols are all animated and the mini-games are more innovative. However, all this eye candy means that they are rather slow-paced, which makes them best suited for recreational players.


i-Slots expand on the traditional slot formula by combining it with the features of a video game and film. Each i-Slot tells a story and starts with a high quality animated clip that introduces the player to the narrative. Placing bets and unlocking new levels allows you to advance the story, which makes these slots more immersive, especially since each play through is slightly different depending on the decisions you make.

Table Games

Even though the term “table game” is often used to distinguish casino games that are played on a table and operated by one or more live dealers from games played on a mechanical device like a video slot machine, online table games are almost always computer applications, which means that you’ll be playing alone and the outcome of each game will be provided by the casino’s Random Numbers Generator software.


Roulette is played using a special wheel, which is divided into 37 squares. Players are allowed to bet on 36 of those squares, which are color-coded Black and Red. The 37th square is green and signifies a casino win. Each time you’re done placing your bets, the wheel will start spinning in one direction and a special roulette ball will be rolled in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually lose momentum and land on one of the squares, determining the outcome.

American Roulette wheels include a zero and double-zero space. This doubles the house edge over European Roulette, which only has a single-zero on the wheel. If you’re a roulette player, make sure to play only at online casinos with European Roulette


Unlike the traditional casino craps, online craps is a dice game which is played solo against the casino. The rules are pretty much the same, as you’ll have to bet on the Pass or Don’t Pass line. Each time you score 2, 3 or 12, the Pass Line bet loses. A “natural” roll of 7 or 11 means that the Pass Line wins. The other outcomes are called point numbers and require you to roll the same number again before rolling 7 in order for the Pass Line to win. However, please note that rolling 12 in the above scenario causes Pass Line bets to lose and Don’t Pass bets to tie, which gives the casino its edge.


Online casino blackjack is played against the casino with a deck of 52 cards. The goal of the game is to score 21 points without going above this limit, which would result in an instant defeat. Cards 2-9 count in accordance with their point value, while face cards are worth 10 points. The ace is worth 1 or 11 points, depending on which point value would be more advantageous for the player. Both sides start with two cards. The player can decide whether he wants to hit (take another card) or stand (stop taking cards), while the dealer has to hit whenever he has less than 17 points and stand at 17 or more.

Video Poker

Online video poker is a casino version of the traditional five card poker. Each round starts with the player adjusting his wager and pressing the deal button. The player is then given cards and has the opportunity to discard one or more in exchange for additional ones, just like in the table version of this game. Once the draw is complete, the machine pays out if the hand you’re left with matches one of the winning combinations, which differ from one Video Poker variant to another – Jacks or Better being the most popular variation.

Specialty Games

Specialty games, also known as miscellaneous casino games, are the games that don’t fall under any of the aforementioned categories, but are too few to add an additional list to the site. The most popular online casino specialty games include Baccarat, War, and Keno. Some specialty sites now even offer online lottery tickets and scratch cards.

Online Casino Tournaments

One of the major disadvantages of playing at an online casino is the lack of the ability to interact with the other players. In order to mitigate this problem to some extent, many casinos allow their customers to compete in various casino game tournaments, which are very similar to their poker counterparts.

Each participant has to pay the sign-up fee and is required to complete a series of rounds playing a pre-determined slot or table game using a limited number of casino coins instead of cash. When all the contenders complete their rounds, the ones with the highest scores get a share of the total prize pool.

Obviously, there are numerous formats of casino tournaments that differ from one another when it comes to the rules of competition, but it’s important to remember that such events are just an addition to the standard games and not the main course.