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Baccarat Tips

The following baccarat tips are meant to provide some basic tips for intermediate baccarat players. The tips are based on the experience of seasoned professionals. These basic baccarat tips can provide a nice supplement of information to players that have a grasp of baccarat but little actual experience.

  • Establish a bankroll of 20 to 50 units. Baccarat is usually a high limit game and you should be prepared to risk a fair amount of your bankroll.
  • Get a scorecard when you begin a baccarat game. Chart each decision using the notation B for bank and P for players.
  • Bet single units for the first 20 to 30 hands of the shoe.
  • Look for obvious trends during the first 20 to 30 hands of the game.
  • Avoid standoff or tie bets regardless of the circumstances.
  • If the commission is less than 5%, it is in your advantage to bet with the house.
  • If the commission is more than 5%, it is in your advantage to bet on the player winning.
  • Don’t bet against a streak of either Banco or Punto. After a streak of three consecutive Banco or Punto, stop betting until the streak chops or bet with the streak.
  • If you’re in a streaky shoe, with both Punto and Banco participating on short streaks, play these streaks to continue with a paroli of three. This means you parlay your bet twice, going for a win of three hands in succession.
  • If you’re in a choppy shoe, bet that whichever side won the last hand will not win three hands in succession.
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