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Poker Odds

There are countless factors that can come into play when determining the odds of all the variations and situations that may arise in playing poker. This course is merely meant to give you an idea of what your respective card odds are of having a particular hand.

Card odds are the most familiar and widely used poker odds. It is simply the probability of being dealt or drawing a particular poker hand. The table below shows the statistical frequency with which different poker hands occur. The number in the frequency column represents the number of hands that would need to be dealt for it to be probable that a player would have the specified poker hand. For example, a player would be likely to receive a flush once every 509 hands. The resulting poker odds are 1/509 or about 0.2% chance of being dealt a flush.

Poker odds with no wild cards

Poker Hand # Possible Combinations Frequency
Any Hand 2598960 1
Royal Flush 4 649740
Straight Flush 36 72194
4 of a Kind 624 4165
Full House 3744 695
Flush 5108 509
Straight 10200 255
3 of a Kind 54912 48
2 Pair 123552 21
1 Pair 1098240 3
High Card (Any Other) 1302540 2
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