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Video Poker Tips

Regardless of the variant, at its heart Video Poker is a game of skill. The most popular versions differ in terms of payouts, winning combinations and even basic rules. Many inexperienced Video Poker enthusiasts feel lost and confused when they start to learn the game. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines you can follow in order to increase your long-term profitability, which will help you avoid many common mistakes.

Plays Video Poker Games That Offer the Highest ROI

If you want to become a winning player, you should always go for the Video Poker machines that offer the highest return on your investment. Some of the popular Video Poker games like Jacks or Better offer a sub-100% ROI even if you follow optimal strategy, which means that the house always has an edge and that you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose money long-term even if you’re lucky and you don’t make mistakes.

Fortunately, games like full pay Deuces Wild have a higher ROI, which means that you’ll be able to gain an edge over the house as long as you make the right calls. Quite obviously, learning how to play Deuces Wild is significantly harder than learning how to play Jacks or Better. However, putting in the extra work is definitely worth the effort.

Always Try to Follow Optimal Strategy

Optimal strategies for Video Poker games tend to get really complicated, as there are many exceptions to the basic guidelines that help you improve your profitability. The more of those exceptions you know about, the more money you’re going to earn. However, even if you’re an inexperienced player, you can still familiarize yourself with some of the simplified strategy charts and start making money right away. The difference between simplified strategy ROI and optimal strategy ROI is usually less than 2%, so you should always strive to improve as a player.

Try Not to Judge the Book By Its Cover and Calculate The Odds

One of the biggest mistakes that inexperienced Video Poker enthusiasts make is to go for really bad draws due to the possibility of winning a large payout. For example, an open-ended straight draw in Jacks or Better is an excellent hand, as you have 8 cards that would complete the winning combination.

On the other hand, if you’re holding an inside straight draw, you have only 4 cards that could bail you out. A Video Poker beginner would try to complete an inside straight draw in order to claim a 4:1 payout without realizing the fact that this play has a meager 0.32 return on his investment without 3 or more high cards. In such a scenario the player should drop all the cards, as the return on investment would be significantly higher. Even if you don’t know the optimal strategy by heart, you should always try to calculate the odds and take the potential payouts into account.

Try New Poker Variants and Build On Your Skills

Knowledge is power, especially in the world of online casino games. Even if you think that you’re quite proficient with one of the Video Poker variations, you should always try to look for new information and learn about new versions of the most popular machines. One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of assuming this kind of approach is the fact that you’re going to become familiar with new strategies and possibility increase your winnings. However, I think that the in-depth understanding of the inner workings of all Video Poker games and the broader perspective you’ll gain are even more important, as they’ll allow you to become better at casino games in general.

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