Deposit Options

Most online gambling sites offer enough deposit methods to confuse inexperienced gambling enthusiasts. Fortunately, assuming a slightly analytical approach will likely allow you to make the choice that will best suit your personal tastes, as well as, meet your local real money gaming regulations.

Generally speaking, e-wallets are the perfect choice in gambling-friendly jurisdictions as they are most convenient to use, while money orders and credit cards should be used whenever your Neteller account simply doesn’t cut it for one reason or another.


E-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill offer lightning-fast transactions, low fees, and total customer safety. Simply put, they are the perfect choice for online gambling enthusiasts, especially since virtually every international site in the industry supports the most popular brands right now. Nevertheless, e-wallets also require you to have a credit card or even a traditional bank account, as you won’t be able to use the money that you hold on an account of this type for making a purchase in a land-based shop under normal circumstances.

Fortunately, both Neteller and Skrill offer exclusive prepaid cards that negate this problem to a huge extent. Both brands of cards allow you to access your e-wallet directly via a standard ATM, which means that you’ll be able to literally cash out without having to send your money from your gambling site to the e-wallet and from the e-wallet to your primary bank account. Obtaining a prepaid card involves validating your account, but if you’re serious about using it to cover your online gambling expenses, you probably should do that either way.

Despite all of their amazing advantages, e-wallets simply aren’t available to all the player populations. For example, the US Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 has made it impossible for companies of this kind to process any gambling-related payments dealing with US citizens, which essentially forced e-wallets out of the American gambling market.

There is a notable exception to this rule, as the online gambling businesses that operate within the borders of states that already legalized internet gambling can legally offer e-wallet supports. Unfortunately, the traffic on those sites is very low. In the end, using an e-wallet service simply isn’t the best choice once you consider the state that the US gambling industry is currently in, which is why most American players decide to deposit via their credit cards instead.

Credit Cards

Using your credit card is considered to be a rather safe and surefire way of making a deposit to any online gambling site despite the fact that you’ll have to provide the site in question with all your credit card details such as the CVV code, credit card number, billing address, and expiration date. Payments to online gambling businesses are going to show on your credit card statements, which might be a huge issue for gambling enthusiasts who tend to put a lot of emphasis on their privacy.

Furthermore, you should always remember that while credit card deposits are offered by virtually every poker room, casino, bingo site, and sportsbook operating in the industry these days, there’s no denying the fact that the same sites won’t allow you to cash out using this method. Consequently, most of the gamblers who opt to make a credit card deposit have to withdraw using a bank wire transfer which usually takes about a week and requires you to pay a rather substantial transaction fee ranging from $10 to $40.

While it is true that most US-based players rely on their credit cards to fund their online gambling accounts, all major credit card brands aren’t exactly reliable. The transactions are often blocked by banks due to strict US gambling regulations – and while a failed deposit attempt won’t result in a fine or land you in jail, you’re still going to lose some time that would be better spent enjoying the action.

Visa cards have the highest acceptance rates as long as they’ve been cleared for international transactions, while both MasterCard and American Express might require you to run through a number of cards before finding the one that works.

Cash Transfer Services

Services like the MoneyGram and Western Union cash transfers are becoming increasingly popular in the US, as they allow you to add another layer of security to your standard credit card payment, pretty much ensuring that your bank won’t be able to stop the transaction. Furthermore, the sites that support MoneyGram payments also allow MoneyGram depositors to withdraw using this method which is both faster and more convenient than using a wire transfer.

Unfortunately, money orders tend to get somewhat expensive if you rely on them too much meaning that they have the potential to turn a winning gambler into a break-even player and a break-even player into a losing (and angry) gambler.

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