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If you know how to play Five-Card Stud, then you basically know how to play Let It Ride Poker. Unlike most casino games, you are not playing against the dealer in Let It Ride. You actually want the dealer to get a good hand. In Let It Ride the player is dealt 3 cards and the dealer completes the hand with two cards — there’s your Five-Card Stud hand. In order to win, your hand must be a pair of 10s or a higher-ranking hand. Normal poker hand rankings pertain to Let It Ride Poker, and the game is played with a standard 52-card deck.

Basic Rules

The game begins with the minimum table bet placed on each of three circles on the Let It Ride table in front of the player. The three circles are labeled 1, 2, and $. If the table minimum were $5, you would place a $5 bet in each of these circles for a total initial bet of $15. Three cards are dealt face down to each player. The dealer then deals himself two community cards also face down. Players can then pick up their cards, it’s okay to hold them with both hands in Let It Ride.

Now it’s decision time for the player. If the hand doesn’t look like much then it’s best to forfeit the hand. The player may cancel his bet in the 1 circle by signaling the dealer to push it back to him, or he can “let it ride” and stay in play. If the player gives up the hand, the dealer will return the player’s first wager placed on the 1 circle. If the player believes he will have a winning hand with the combination of his three cards and the dealer’s two cards, then the player should place the cards face down under the 1 wager.

The dealer then reveals one of his cards. This is the player’s chance to re-evaluate their hand, which now consists of four cards. If the hand is still a loser then it’s time for the player to scratch their cards. After this the dealer will return the wager on the 2 circle. The decision made on the second wager is independent of the call made of the 1st wager. The $ circle wager cannot be removed from play. If the hand looks like a winner, the player should place their cards under the $ circle. The dealer then turns over his second cards and determines the winners.

If the combined five-card hand does not give the player a pair of tens or better, the dealer collects the $ circle bet and any other bets that the player let ride. If the player does have a pair of tens or better, the dealer pays the $ circle bet and any other bets left in play, in accordance with the payout table.

If a player has a winning hand with their first three cards then they can just place their cards under the $ wager from the start. There are no more decisions to be made.

Common Let It Ride Poker Payouts

Poker Hand Payout
Royal Flush 1000:1
Straight Flush 200:1
4 of a Kind 50:1
Full House 11:1
Flush 8:1
Straight 5:1
3 of a Kind 3:1
Two Pair 2:1
Pair of 10s or Better 1:1

Basic Strategy

There are just a few simple rules to learn in order to follow basic Let It Ride Poker strategy. Not only is Let It Ride an interesting variation on standard poker, it’s also a fairly decent bet. Using the optimal strategy and standard payouts, the house advantage is only about 3%.

Let It Ride Poker Strategy For Circle 1

Let circle 1 bet ride if your first three cards are…
a Pair of Tens or Better
any 3 Cards to a Royal Flush
a 3 Card Straight Flush Or Inside Straight Flush
a 3 Card Double Inside Straight Flush with 2 High Cards (Ten or Higher)
a Ten, Jack, and Queen

Let It Ride Poker Strategy For Circle 2

Let circle 2 bet ride if your first four cards are…
a Pair of Tens or Better
any 4 Cards of the Same Suit
a 4 Card Straight (Open End)
4 High Cards (Ten or Higher)
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