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Best Online Slots for 2022

The best real online slots can forever change a player’s gambling experience. After all, slots are the beating heart of every real money online casino site. Easily recognizable by their flashing lights and iconic reels, slots guarantee thrills aplenty. New slot titles are emerging on a weekly basis, so you will never be short of options.

Slot games come in a variety of different shapes and forms. From their traditional three-reel setup, they have now evolved to multi-reel setups with varying paylines, in-game features, and bonuses. In addition, there are now a plethora of themes to choose from. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about online slots.

Where To Play Slots Online

Basics of Playing Slots Online

Online Slot GameThe best online slot games are easy to comprehend, regardless of whether they are based on three, five, or more reels. As you can imagine, it’s important to understand the mechanics of online slot machines.

All the best online slot games come with a Random Number Generator. This system guarantees randomness, fairness, and impartial results. Players can play comfortably with the knowledge that results are random and can’t be rigged. That being said, it is also of crucial importance that you only sign up with licensed and regulated online casinos — for an extra layer of protection.

Slot games come with differing numbers of rows, reels, and paylines. In order to hit a winning combination, you need to successfully land a series of symbols on a payline, be it vertical, horizontal, or in another sequence. Winning combinations will be highlighted in the slot game’s paysheet. There are no tactics to learn. You need only spin the reels, sit back, and relax!

Online Slot Machines Strategies

As we’ve mentioned, there is not much one can do to change the outcome of a slots game. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that will help you safeguard your bankroll and extend your gameplay:

Set a spending limit

Knowing when to stop can do wonders to your bankroll. It will help you walk away with your winnings and save you from making any unnecessary deposits. Stop whilst you are ahead!

Place Reasonable Bets

This applies to both low and high rollers. When you are playing a new slot game, start with the lowest denomination to get a feel of the game’s volatility level first. Once you have a good idea of the variance, feel free to lower or boost the bet size. Failure to do so can cause you to burn through your bankroll in record time.

Know the Paytable

Take the time to learn about all the paylines and in-game features of an online slots game. If you want to play the best slots titles with specific in-game features, it would be pointless to play games that don’t have them. You can also test out games in free demo mode. This will help you to learn the ropes, and to make sure you like the game before investing.

Have Fun

Don’t play the slots with the sole intention of generating winnings. Play with a bankroll you are comfortable with and, most importantly, have fun!

RNGs and Payback Percentages

Random Numbers Generator
All reliable slot games come with a Random Number Generator. This system dictates the outcome of every spin. This cannot be manipulated by either the casino or the player. RNGs are also audited on a monthly basis to ensure that they are compliant with various rules and regulations, as stipulated by the gambling authorities.

Similarly, online slots come with a predetermined payout percentage. If a slot game has a 98% RTP, it means that the payback rate will return 98% of the player’s money over a period of time.

How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning Slots Online

There are no tips that will ensure you generate slot winnings. However, there are some tricks and guidelines on how to provide yourself with the best odds when playing real money online slots. While there is no such thing as ‘loose’ slots in the online hemisphere, there are some essential steps you can take to boost your chances:

Find High RTP Online Slots

Sometimes the flashiest slots are those with the lowest RTPS. Appearances can be deceiving. Choose one of our recommended casinos and try games that have an RTP of 96% or higher. You may also want to look at the variance levels. A low-volatility game can result in frequent yet low wins, while a highly volatile slot game can pay substantial wins on an infrequent basis. A popular online slot with a high RTP is NetEnt’s ‘Blood Suckers’.

Look for Beneficial In-Game Features

Choose to play slots with exciting features that could boost your wins. These include multipliers, scatters, jackpots, wilds, and free spins bonuses.

Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses

A casino bonus can double or triple your bankroll before you even start to play slots online. A bigger bankroll leads to extended gameplay and better chances to hit big wins or a jackpot.

Pick Your Jackpot Games Carefully

The best online slots come with jackpot prizes attached. If your heart’s set on winning a jackpot, try Pragmatic Play’s daily drop and win jackpots instead of progressive jackpots. The former usually has a slightly higher payout percentage.

Activate All Features

Some slots need a minimum bet size in order to activate all of the in-game features. The same applies to progressive jackpots, where a maximum bet is required to stand the chance of winning the maximum payout.

Have Win and Loss Limits

Before sitting down to play slots online, establish a win and loss limit. When you hit one of those limits, walk away. These limits will help you maximize your winnings and minimize your losses. Protection of your bankroll is key to sustainable gambling

Understand the Paytable

While the concept of playing slot games online is fairly easy, there are still information sheets that help you learn the mechanics of the game. Not all slots are the same. This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the paysheet of individual games.

Slot Machine Myths

Now that you know the basics of how to play the best online slot games, you may want to learn about the various slot machine myths circling out there. Some of these include:

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Happy spinning!

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