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Golf Betting

Golf betting can be a great way to make some extra cash while doing something you already enjoy, watching golf tournaments! There are a number of different wagering options out there to bet on golf. Bookmakers usually take wagers on the professional European tour and US tour and may also take wagers on the Senior tour, WPGA, and some more minor tours. Below is an overview of the most common golf bets.

Common Golf Bets

The most simple golf bet is the Outright, often expressed as O/R. The Outright bet is a bet on a player to win the whole tournament. The odds on an Outright bet are usually expressed in a fraction, such as Tiger Woods 14 to 5. If Tiger Woods were to win the tournament, the wager would pay $14 for every $5 bet. There are often only specific odds on the top 30 to 50 players with general odds for other players expressed as The Field. This wager is also known as a Straight bet or bet To Win.

A bet can also be made on two competing golfers in a tournament. This is called a 72 Hole Match bet, 72H. The bet is on which player will have the lower score at the finish. This is also called simply a Match-up bet. The bet may be expressed as follows: Tiger Woods (-140) David Duval (+110). This is a money line wager with the favorite listed with a negative number. A $140 bet on Tiger Woods would win $100 and a $100 bet on David Duval would win $110.

A Three Ball, or 3B, bet is a wager on a group of three players who tee-off together in tournament play. The bet is placed on one of the three players to have the lowest score after 18 holes. In the final round of some tournaments the tee-off group size is reduced to two golfers. The same bet can be made under these conditions but is called a Two Ball bet, or 2B.

A Group bet is a wager on the lowest score of a selected group of players. Bookmakers will usually create a group of 4,5, or 6 players to compare. The betting is on which player will have the lowest 4-round score from this group. Special Groups may also be created just for players from a particular region, age group, or other common feature. These Special Groups may be much larger than standard Groups.

Some bookmakers offer bets for players to Place in a tournament. A golf Place bet will win if the golfer finishes in one of the top positions in a tournament. The number of positions a Place bet covers will vary depending on the sportsbook and tournament being bet on.

Proposition bets and Futures bets can also be made on golf. Propositions can cover a wide variety of bets, pretty much anything not covered by another type of bet. Futures are simply bets on future events, such as a bet on a player to win a major tournament before the season begins.

This doesn’t cover all the different types of golf betting available, but it should give you the background to get started. The specific rules and types of betting will vary depending on the sportsbook or bookmaker where you place your bets. Always be sure to keep informed on players and research past performance in each tournament. Good luck and remember to have fun!

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