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Blackjack Switch

In general Blackjack Switch follows the same rules as standard Blackjack (see Blackjack 101: How To Play Blackjack). For Blackjack Switch you must play two hands at the same time with equal initial bets. First the right hand is played, then the left. Unlike regular Blackjack, the dealer will always hit soft 17. Also a Blackjack only plays 1:1 instead of 3:2, but the is also a greater chance of getting a Blackjack.

The major variation from standard Blackjack is that you may switch the top two cards you are dealt prior to hitting. For example, a player is initially dealt a 9 and a 5 as their first cards and then a 6 and a 9 as their second cards. This would give them two ugly looking hands of 9-6 and 5-9. In Blackjack Switch these ugly hands can become quite nice by switching the second cards, giving the player a hand of 9-9 and 5-6.

Now for the bad news. The bad news is that in Blackjack Switch the dealer does not bust with a total of 22. If the dealer has a 22 the hand is considered a push. The only exception is a Blackjack, which still wins.

Blackjack Switch also has an additional betting area for a “Super Match” bet. The Super Match is a small circle located between the standard betting areas. The bet wins if a player’s initial 4 cards contain 2 or more matching cards.

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