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If you’re looking for a winning craps system to learn then don’t look here. This course is meant to be a commentary on craps systems in general. If you’re searching for a can’t-lose craps system then you might as well look around for the fountain of youth while you’re at it. Craps is a game of mathematics and probabilities, and as such, it is engineered so that the house always has an advantage no matter what system you’re using. There are ways to minimize the house advantage. For the optimal craps strategy see Craps 260: Craps Strategies.

Books about sure-fire craps systems provide nothing but false hope to prospective craps players. The true craps system they’ve developed is how to get money for a book about complete crap. Every single craps bet gives the house an advantage. There is absolutely no system that can erase this advantage. Since any craps system is a combination of losing bets, it’s impossible to create a winning system.

The best craps system will involve only the bets with the lowest house advantage. This is more common sense than a system. If you want to lose the least amount of money then make the bets you are least likely to lose. Even if you stick to these bets you’re still likely to end up losing money in the long run.

Why do people believe in craps systems? The main reason for the survival of the “winning craps system” myth is the “monster roll”. A monster roll is just an unusually long winning roll. These happen all the time and craps players tend to make a lot of money when it happens. If a player happens to be using a certain system at the time then the system will appear to work. If you could predict when a monster roll was going to happen then you’d really have a winning craps system!

So, there is no such thing as a winning craps system. That doesn’t mean people don’t make money playing craps. It just means that craps is a game of odds and the odds are stacked against you. To have the best consistent success at craps you should play the optimum strategy and remember your playing a game, have fun with it.

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