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Casinos That Accept American Express

American ExpressThe history of American Express began in 1850, when the company began serving express mail. The company soon branched out into the field of financial services and began offering money orders and traveler’s checks. The credit card side of the American Express we know today was initiated in 1957 to serve clients from all paths of life. Having been in the industry for the past 163 years, American Express (popularly referred to as Amex) now deals with the provision of financial assistance in the form of prepaid and credit cards.

Ever since the advent of online casinos, every feature of land based casinos is being slowly replicated to provide the customers with a great gambling experience. One of the key aspects of gambling the ability to finance any of the bets that you might want to place. Online casinos have always been looking for appropriate payment methods that could facilitate financing each player’s account while simultaneously preventing any unauthorized access to the confidential financial information of the customers. Many casinos have decided to use American Express as a primary banking method, ensuring that their players can use their credit cards to top up the balance on their accounts.

Amex Deposit Options

There are a few reasons why Amex credit cards serve as an exemplary deposit option for online casinos. First of all, many Amex credit card holders enjoy the privilege on no maximum upper limit for the card. Whether you are running a business or you have simply applied for this credit card for personal use, you’re free to transact as much money as you want without worrying about the maximum limit. This makes Amex very useful for online casinos especially for gamblers who love placing large bets and who enjoy high-risk, high-reward action.

Credit card cancellations are extremely uncommon – and none of them have happened because the upper limit has been reached. Although Amex credit cards are widely appreciated in the banking world as a medium for financial transactions, the greatest disadvantage of using one when it comes to gambling is the fact that very few casinos accept it.

The company is very much against clients charging gambling transactions to the card and in the event of this, the end result is cancellation. For Amex clients without any other way to finance their gambling hobby, this is a serious issue. It is very discouraging to find an exemplary online gambling site only to realize your payment method is not acceptable. Therefore, if you’re new in the world of gambling, you should always conduct your own research in order to find a site that accepts Amex credit cards for depositing money to your account.

Benefits of Amex

Gambling online might be scary for people who worry about keeping their personal information safe. However, the pros who have mastered gambling online tend to take great pleasure in placing large bets and winning massive payouts. Without any maximum card limit, American Express proves to be an excellent choice for high-rollers. With this kind of card, you can make a large deposit without having to worry about reaching the maximum amount allowed on your card.

There is a reason why casinos love transacting with credit cards. There are no hassles and within a matter of minutes, the accounts are loaded with the funds. Therefore, the entire process of making the deposit is pretty much as simple as with any other credit card.

The American Express company has invested in a protection scheme for clients, which ensures that any losses suffered as a consequence of malicious actions on the part of a third party can be recovered without too much hassle. With the fraud and consumer protection scheme, you are completely protected and you can rest assured that you will be reimbursed if your losses exceed $50 or if your card is stolen, which makes the company exceptionally reliable.

Disadvantages of Amex

As briefly touched on above, it’s important to conduct enough research on the casinos that accept American Express credit cards as a deposit method due to the fact that only a few websites offer this option. This is one of the biggest crutches that come with dealing with Amex for gambling casinos.

There are no withdrawals allowed on the Amex credit card from any casino. If you’re lucky enough to come across a good and trustworthy online casino website that accepts this credit card for deposits, you should be prepared to use a secondary banking method for withdrawals.

Depositing with Amex

As you’ve probably already guessed, the process of using a credit card to deposit money to any website is fairly easy and shouldn’t involve any complications. Once you have logged into your website, you should choose American Express from the list of available deposit options in the cashier menu.

Next, you should provide the essential details of your card including the 3 digit security code found at the back of the card. Now you can indicate the amount you choose to top up and if possible provide your bonus code if you happen to have any. In less than 10 minutes, your account should be credited with the money that you transferred, which means that you should be able to participate in any games of your choosing.

Casino websites are tasked with providing their clients with peace of mind by guaranteeing top notch security when it comes to handling personal information of their customers. However, using the Amex credit card also gives you another advantage because you don’t have to submit your information more than once, which minimizes any chances of hackers gaining access to any financial data. In conclusion, Amex is a trustworthy financial partner when it comes to funding your gaming online. As long as you have a working credit card, you can enjoy all the exciting opportunities that come with online casino gambling!

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