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Wire Transfer Casino Deposits

Everyone knows what to expect of a bank wire transfer – and there’s no denying the fact that modern gambling fans have plenty of faster and safer deposit methods at their disposal. However, most of those methods simply fail to beat wire transfers when it comes to sending massive amounts of cash to your online gambling account, as the transaction fee is completely flat and shouldn’t exceed $40. As a result, bank wire transfer are still fairly popular among premium players and all the adrenaline-thirsty high-rollers, as they allow them to go directly for the high-stakes games on the most reputable networks.

However, you should keep in mind that contrary to popular belief, most sites aren’t really all that excited about accepting deposits of this kind from new customers. In fact, most sites operate certain deposit limits in order to prevent this kind of behavior, as they prefer to avoid dealing with potential problem gamblers who wager more than they can afford and try to engage in legal disputes once they realize they’ve lost. Consequently, the largest deposits are usually available exclusively to trusted returning customers – but as is often the case, there are a few sites that end up being notable exceptions to this rule.

Making a Bank Wire Transfer Deposit

Most people have made plenty of wire transfers throughout the course of their lifetimes – and depositing to an online gambling site isn’t really all that different from sending your money to any other company. Once you log-in with the poker site or casino in question, open the cashier menu, highlight the bank wire transfer, and write down all the transaction details providing by your gambling operator, including his IBAN, SWIFT, account number, company address, and bank address.

This information can be later used in your local bank – the money will be transferred as soon as you pat the transaction fee. Most wire transfers take up to three days to go through, which means that making a payment using this method probably isn’t the best choice for impatient gambling enthusiasts.

Interestingly enough, while the number of sites that support massive wire transfer deposits is very limited, many gambling businesses offer bank wire transfers as their default withdrawal method, especially when dealing with customers who don’t have an e-wallet account.

Keep in mind that request to withdraw using this method usually take up to four days to verify and process, which means that you’ll have to wait between six and seven days before you actually receive your winnings. Furthermore, most sites will require you to cover the transaction fee, which means that this method is next to useless when it comes to small cash outs.

Bank Wire Transfer Deposits in the United States

Much like e-wallet payments, bank wire transfers aren’t supported by online casinos in the USA due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, which prevents all banks from processing payments coming from gambling sites. However, most offshore sites are able to circumvent this law and still offer bank wire cash outs, with the only alternative option usually involving the use of check by courier.

As you’ve probably already guessed, withdrawing via a check by courier isn’t exactly the fastest, cheapest, and generally most pleasant experience you can imagine, so usually it is better to stick to bank wire payouts and switch to MoneyGram/Western Union money orders whenever possible.

On a brighter note, bank wire withdrawals in the United States usually aren’t refused or delayed, which means that in most cases you will receive your money within a reasonable period of time. One thing you should always try pay attention to when planning a bank wire cash out is the withdrawal limit, as having regulations of this kind is fairly standard with the offshore US-facing sites. If your withdrawal request exceeds this limit, the gambling site will split your winnings into several installments that are usually paid on a weekly basis. Quite obviously, progressive jackpot winnings are almost always an exception to this rule.

Best Online Casinos That Accept Bank Wire Transfers

All things considered, while bank wire withdrawals are fairly common and may even been the most sensible choice under certain circumstances, there’s no denying the fact that the number of sites that offer bank wire payments without maximum deposit rules is exceptionally limited. Consequently, most of the adrenaline-thirsty high-rollers prefer to send their money to the largest and most prestigious gambling sites, such as William Hill or Ladbrokes.

Nevertheless, the common folks that frequent different poker rooms, casinos, or sportsbooks have nothing to complain about, as using an e-wallet service or even a money order is usually faster, more efficient, and cheaper. Furthermore, while using Neteller or Skrill gives you access to exclusive bonuses and promotions, it is common knowledge that the only bonus you’ll get when making a bank wire transfer is the necessity to cover the transactional fees.

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