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Internet Poker Strategy

Developing an Internet poker strategy can be a bit more difficult than playing in person. One of the benefits of playing Internet poker is that you have the freedom to make you decisions in a comfortable low-stress environment. However, even if you’re a good in person player, you may not automatically be a good Internet poker player. The major difference in poker strategy is that you lose the ability to read your opponent’s face and body language.

How to Adjust

Even though you can’t see your opponents, you can still read their moves. Watch how your opponents play, their betting style, the time they take to place their bet, calls and raises. When do your Internet opponents bluff? When do they fold? Be assured, they will be closely watching your moves as well.

Much like standard in person poker, the best strategy in Internet poker in to vary your betting style. Don’t be consistent enough to allow your opponents to read your moves. You no longer need to worry about what your face and body are saying. You’ll be speaking with your actions alone.

Aside from not seeing your opponents, the rest of Internet poker is very similar to standard poker. Remember not too play to many hands and keep the odd of each hand in mind. For a review of standard poker strategy see Poker 201: Basic Poker Strategy. Because no one can see what you’re doing, take as many notes as possible. Get to know your opponents and keep records of how they play.

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