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Slot Machine Tips

The following is a short-listing of quick slot machine tips. These tips are meant as a supplement to basic slots strategy. Follow these slot machine tips for some general slot machine guidelines and a bit of advice from experienced slots players.

  • Each slot machine spin is completely independent. This means if someone gets a big payout at a slot machine you recently left, you didn’t actually miss out on the payout. It’s highly unlikely you would have gotten the payout if you had stayed at the machine because the outcome is due to the rapid generation of random numbers and not the number of spins.
  • A machine is never due to hit a jackpot. Each time you spin the reels at a slot machine you have the same chance of hitting any jackpot regardless of whether or not the machine has recently hit this jackpot. This means that a machine can go many days without a significant payout or could have two giant payouts in a row.
  • Three-reel slot machines with only one payline usually offer the best overall percentages for coming out ahead.
  • Avoid multiple-payline slots. It seems like your odds would be better with the increase in paylines but the payout rates aren’t nearly as good as those found on single-payline slots.
  • Avoid progressive slot machines. The huge payouts are very tempting but the random number generators in these machines are programmed to produce a higher number of reels and symbols, decreasing your odds.
  • Higher denomination machines often have higher payback percentages. You’ll usually do better playing a single coin in a dollar slot machine than three coins in a quarter slot machine.
  • To win jackpots and the highest payouts you should always play maximum coins.
  • Play the number of coins you feel comfortable with. Yes, more coins often means a better payout, but it’s your money and if you’d rather play under the maximum amount then you should do so.
  • Faster play does not increase your chances of winning. A person playing slots faster may appear to be winning more but it’s just because they’re spinning more within a given amount of time.
  • It doesn’t matter if you pull the handle or hit the Spin button. People have their superstitions but the slot machine couldn’t care less.
  • The number of coins played has no affect on the outcome of the spin. However, number of coins played may affect the payout.
  • Know when to stop spinning. Decide on your bankroll before you sit down at a machine. When that money is gone it’s time to go.
  • Decide when to move on. If you don’t win a payout in a certain number of spins (say 6 or 8 or 10 etc.) then move on to another machine. This strategy will keep you from losing all your money back to a machine that isn’t paying out. At the same time it will keep you winning at a loose machine.
  • The loosest slots are often in high traffic areas. Look for loose slots near the cashier, main casino aisles, restaurants, and shops. Despite popular opinion, casinos do not hide their best paying machines. It’s in their best interest for people to see winners.
  • Most casinos will “cap” (hold) a machine for you if you want to take a break. Ask a slot or change attendant if you want your machine capped, but be sure to take your money with you.
  • Use your player’s card. You can get a lot of great free stuff with a player’s card, and it only takes a couple minutes to get one.
  • Don’t forget to take your player’s card when you leave. If you do forget, you can usually get a new one from the casino with your balance intact.
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