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Slots tournament gridSlots tournaments are those roped off slots areas you pass by in casinos, usually populated by people furiously tapping away at the slot spin button. Slots tournaments can be a great way to bond with fellow slots enthusiasts and win some great prizes. Tournaments may provide all sorts of incentives like cash prizes, parties, banquets, door prizes, and raffles.

Some tournaments are free to enter and are used as promotional devices by many casinos. Just because they’re free doesn’t mean they still can’t payoff with big rewards. Entry fees for paid tournaments can range from ten dollars to thousands of dollars. Tournaments can be enticing to many slots players because it sets your loss limit at the entry fee. Some casinos also hold private slots tournaments that are invitation only as a reward for loyal players or high rollers.

But how does a slot tournament work? It’s extremely simple. Each tournament slot machine will start with a predetermined number of credits or set length of time. The object of the tournament is to earn as many credits as possible in the allotted time frame. The starting credits and time frame vary depending on the tournament.

1,000 starting credits played for 20 minutes is one common tournament format. Usually, the maximum bet is played each time you hit the spin button. These credits are deducted from your starting credits as you play. The credits you earn are commonly shown on a separate meter. The earned credit cannot be replayed. When the time or credits has expired, players lose any of the unused starting credits. That’s where the furious tapping comes into play. There’s no reason not the hit that button as often as you can.

In order to keep tournaments good and random, players are often matched with their machines by drawing a number that corresponds with a numbered machine. All the machines in the tournament will be of the same type. These machines may be fitted with special programs to generate more jackpot combinations than usual. This, of course, adds to the overall excitement of the event.

After your machine stops, your earned credit scored will be recorded by an official. Most tournaments have several rounds, so even if you have the top for your round you still may not take home a prize. The highest earned credits for all rounds win the tournament. Most slots tournaments have prizes for several of the top positions. It’s not uncommon to see a prize structure of $25,000 for 1st place, $10,000 for 2nd, and $5,000 for 3rd place finishers. With such high payouts, it’s not hard to see why slots tournaments can be so exciting and rewarding.

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