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Blackjack Cover

In most cases, covering the bet simply means accepting the bet for play or putting enough money on the line to pay for the action. However, in blackjack this term may also refer to using various camouflage techniques such as following disadvantageous strategy or improper bet sizing in order to disguise the act of card counting. (Card counting is frowned upon in most brick and mortar casinos as it has the potential to negate the house advantage and turn the odds in favor of the player.)

Usage Example

1. “I played poker with Martin and he moved all in for $500, but I had enough money to cover his bet and ended up calling him.”

2. “Card counting should be enough to turn blackjack into a profitable game, but you should consider mixing in a few cover plays or the casino staff might throw you out.”


Card counting is a strategy that allows the player to determine whether the next hand is more likely to give an advantage to him or the dealer. Consequently, the casinos have spent a great amount of effort and money in trying to thwart card counters. The card counters have responded by expanding the strategy and introducing a number of cover techniques that are supposed to confuse the casino staff, while simultaneously keeping the house edge as low as possible or negating it entirely.

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