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In gambler parlance, a dime is a $1,000 wager. Consequently, a dime player would be a person that usually bets in the $1,000 range. When it comes to sports betting, this term is more popular in live circles than with most online communities. However, please note that a dime line has a different meaning and refers to a 10 cent line, which pays 10% better than the traditional 20 cent line.

Not every online sports betting site uses dime lines. In fact, most sports books rely exclusively on twenty cent lines, since the majority of inexperienced bettors are pretty much unaware of this difference in fees / juice.

Usage Example

“Frank has always been a high roller, so it isn’t unusual for him to bet a dime on a football game. In fact, he never goes lower.”


The term “dime” follows a prevalent tendency of the gambler lingo to reduce the substantial amounts of money to smaller, metaphorical units. Other examples of this tendency include a nickel ($500), big dime ($10,000) and big nickel ($5,000).

In the United States, participating in home poker games with your friends and family is sometimes referred to as nickel-dime betting, but in this case the dime simply refers to a 10 cent coin.

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