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Casino and card room markers are special credits that allow players to receive easy access to large amounts of money on the spot. Gamblers who wish to obtain a marker are required to apply to the casino credit department, which examines the patron’s financial status and determines the final line of credit.

The loans are interest-free, but must be repaid quickly or the customer might face high interest fees or even serious criminal charges. Many casino regulars prefer taking their gambling cash from a marker instead of taking large sums of money to the casino themselves, which all in all is a very safe alternative.

Usage Example

“Jules doesn’t like taking his money to the casino. Every time he goes to play Roulette, he takes a casino marker instead.”


Many people think that obtaining a casino marker is easy, especially in Las Vegas. However, the truth is that most casinos demand in-depth financial information, including the gambler’s net worth. Another misconception is a belief that casino credits are interest-free.

This is true as long as everything is settled on schedule – if the casino doesn’t receive the full payment within the defined time frame, interest charges of 18% or more will be applied. Please note that a failure to pay a casino marker is a serious offense. In fact, in major gambling destinations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, failure to pay markers is considered a felony.

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