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In gambling, particularly in sports betting, to press means to bet a larger amount than usual or to double up. In a casino setting, the term may be used to inform the dealer that you want to increase your bet. For example, a Craps player might tell the dealer to Press by a factor of two.

Quite obviously, a press can be made in any increments that the player opts to choose. However, the dealer has to be instructed how much you want to press your bet every single time. Please note that this does not apply to live online casinos, as each customer is expected to manage his bets by using the casino user interface, which is a part of the live casino app.

Usage Example

“Julia pressed very hard after she lost her first bet, so she ran out of gambling money and had to leave the casino earlier than she had planned.”


Using the expression “to press” in relation to placing another wager may suggest that the player is pressing his advantage. However, it’s important to realize that in casino games, all wagers are independent from one another –betting higher in order to capitalize on your earlier successes would be a classic example of gambler’s fallacy.

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