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In poker and other competitive gambling games, to push means to go all in. However, a push may also mean a tie. This definition is considerably older and more prevalent in games that are played against the house, such as Blackjack. To add to the confusion, a house dealer may use the word “push” when he’s replacing another dealer – in this case, the term refers simply to a shift change. Finally, to push means to pass a card to another player in certain variants of stud games that require contenders to exchange cards.

Usage Example

1. “John is playing very carefully today. If you push, he’s guaranteed to fold his hand unless he’s holding the nuts.”

2. “If your hand and the dealer’s hand tie in Blackjack, the round is considered a push and your bet is returned to you.”

3. Dealer says: “I will be leaving in a moment. My push should arrive soon.”

4. “I pushed my jack of spades and ended up regretting it when my opponent revealed that I actually completed his straight.”


When it comes to going all in, the term derives from the act of pushing your chips towards the middle of the table.

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