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Online Craps for Real Money

Brick and mortar casino craps is played at a table with a croupier and is widely considered to be a rather social game, as there’s nothing to stop you from chatting with the other players. Deciding to play online craps for real money is completely different in this regard. The game is played solo – and if that wasn’t enough, the casino accessories and the croupier are replaced with a graphical user interface and a random numbers generator.

At its core, online craps is no different from its land-based counterpart when it comes to game play. The rules remain the same and while you lose out on the ability to interact with the other casino customers, you’re free to adjust the pacing of the game to your personal needs. Consequently, playing online allows you to focus on optimizing your strategy and maximizing your profits. Furthermore, many casino sites give you multiple versions of the game to choose from, allowing you focus on the variants that suit your personal needs.

Online Craps Variations

The differences between craps variants are more subtle than in the case of games like slots or blackjack, but there’s no denying the fact that you should always check the rules before putting any of your hard earned money at risk. For example, in some versions of craps 11 is a point number instead of a natural, which means that rolling 11 doesn’t result in a Pass line win on the come-out and pays center-table bets. In this variant, the odds of a natural are reduced, which increases the house edge.

Other fairly popular craps variations include 12 pays 3:1 on the field and 11 pays 2:1 on the field. It’s also worth pointing out that some craps games come without Big 6/8 bets due to the fact that they aren’t frequently used, as they offer worse odds than buying 6 or 8 as points.


Making a deposit to a USA online casino may seem intimidating at first, but if you have a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, you should be able to go through with the payment without a lot of hassle. Please note that while this method isn’t 100% reliable, you won’t lose any money even if your transaction is declined – in such a case all you need to do is try a different card. Furthermore, some casinos allow you to deposit via a Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer. Using this method might require you to cover some additional fees, but you’re guaranteed that the transaction will go through.


Withdrawing from a US-friendly online casino might require some patience, as the default cash out method is a bank wire transfer. Usually, you’re going to receive your money within two weeks from placing your request, but keep in mind that some operators might require you to submit some additional personal information before they start processing the transaction if you’re cashing out for the first time. Another option is to withdraw via a check by courier, but this method is significantly more expensive and usually requires you to wait up to 28 days.


Online casinos are well known for offering better promotions than other gambling sites. Most of those offers are available for craps players, which means that you’re guaranteed to get plenty of additional values on your first deposit. A typical welcome bonus gives you a chance to grab up to $2,000 with a 200% or 300% match on your payment, which means that you’re going to get $200 or $300 for every $100 you transfer to your on-site account.

As usual, there is a small catch here – most sites have a 10x or 15x turnover requirement, which means that you’ll have to wager your deposit and the money you received 10 or 15 times before you’ll be allowed to withdraw any promotional winnings.

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