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Western Union Online Casino Deposits

There are many methods people can use to finance their casino accounts – some of them have been available for years, while others have been introduced over the past few years. Depositing or withdrawing your winnings from a casino can be very easy and fast. This allows players to enjoy different games online as soon as they open their on-site account. Western Union money orders are one of the commonly used methods of depositing to online gambling accounts.

In the 19th century, Western Union was known primarily as a telegraph company, but nowadays it deals primarily with wire transfers and money orders. The company also works as a financial bridge between players and online casino websites. Casino sites enjoy the convenience the company offers for all clients for all financial transactions. Players at online casinos in the USA can enjoy using this particular method due to the 100% reliability it provides.


As mentioned, there is a certain level of convenience that players enjoy while using Western Union. The company has plenty of terminals located all over the world, as well as outlets which service lots of online gamblers worldwide. There are also mobile apps that allow Western Union customers to manage their financial transactions free of charge. This means that if you want to deposit cash or make a withdrawal, you have plenty of methods to choose from.

Financial privacy is also another great advantage of using Western Union. No financial information regarding your credit card is released to the casino and also no bank accounts need to be opened. Basically, only cash transactions are used. Therefore, all your confidential information is kept safe. The company provides the highest level of security for all customers, which guarantees maximum satisfaction. Financial anonymity can be very important when it comes to enjoying the games offered by your favorite online casino. Using Western Union gives you the anonymity that you deserve.

The fact that there are numerous outlets all over the world means that any person anywhere can efficiently make a deposit to an online casino account. For a deposit, access the nearest terminal and do it as fast as you can. Even better, with the mobile apps, you can make a deposit on the go using your phone.

Unlike customers who opted to deposit via a credit card, Western Union depositors are free to withdraw their earnings using this method. Consequently, Western Union money orders are extremely flexible as a banking method when it comes to financing your gambling hobby online.


The advantages of using Western Union to fund your gambling account are rather numerous, but unfortunately you’ll have to deal with the fact that it takes a little longer than in the case of other methods for the money to be credited to your casino account. While debit/credit cards take around 10 minutes for all deposits, Western Union takes about an hour.

Any deposits/withdrawals via Western Union require you to cover some extra charges, which is not the case for credit/debit card transactions. The fee charged is highly dependent on the amount of money transacted.

Financial Transactions

With the few years that Western Union has been around, the company has created new and exciting ways to transact online, which tend to resemble some of the popular e-wallet services. Though discontinued now, ‘BidPay’ was the first e-wallet service created by the company which was particularly useful for online casino deposits. ‘SpeedPay’ is the current method used for such deposits.

All transactions can be completed online – alternatively, you can visit one of the Western Union terminals. Western Union casinos also accept US players, which makes it an exemplary financial method for online gamblers in the US. Keep in mind that going through with such a transaction usually will require you to contact the casino and write down all the necessary recipient details.

If you’re planning a large transfer of money using Western Union, there is a high likelihood that the fee charged will be quite high. However, you can avoid paying the transaction fee by requesting the casino to cover it for you. Please note that the casino might limit the size of your deposit in this case. This only works if you’re a trusted player in the casino. If you choose a cash transfer as a withdrawal method, Western Union is also acceptable in several casinos.

Deposits using this method take about an hour to reflect in your account. Withdrawals on the other hand may take about 2 days. If you want to use Western Union as your primary withdrawal method, the money can either be a sent via a wire transfer or a money order depending on the casino in question.

Why Western Union?

One of the reasons why Western Union such an amazing banking method is because of the level of privacy it provides. Credit card transactions may be faster, but for the people who love their confidentiality, Western Union is clearly the better choice. Furthermore, Western Union allows you to deal strictly with cash which makes it easier to maneuver around any restrictions imposed on gambling-related transactions in your country.

The company has been around for a long time, which means that you have no reason to worry about the safety of your money. Unlike credit card transfers, Western Union money orders are 100% reliable, which makes them an excellent choice for US-based gambling enthusiasts.

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