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One of the fun things about bingo is that there are a number of different variations and types of bingo games you can play. The game is basically very easy but you should review the different types of bingo games out there so you can get the most out of your experience. The variety of bingo games is discussed in this course.

90 Ball Bingo

The traditional 90-ball bingo games are played with 27-square tickets that are made of three rows and nine columns. Every row contains five numbers and four blank squares, which means that a total of 15 numbers will appear on every ticket you purchase. Tickets are usually purchased in strips of six, but keep in mind that most sites will restrict the number of strips you’ll be able to buy to keep high-rollers from dominating the room. Each game comes with three prizes that can be won by the first player or players who manage to meet the necessary criteria. A one-line win is achieved when all the numbers on one of the horizontal lines have been called, a two-line win is a combination of two one-line wins, while a full house requires you to mark all the numbers on your ticket.

75 Ball Bingo

Classic 75-ball bingo is played with a 5×5 ticket, which means that you’ll have 25 squares at your disposal. Each square contains a number with the exception of the center square, which is considered free and is usually marked with a star. Each game allows you to win five prizes: one line, two lines, three lines and five lines. Keep in mind that while a one-line win usually allows you to mark your numbers in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line, achieving a two-line win or better will generally require the numbers to be marked in horizontal lines.

75 Ball Pattern Bingo

75-ball pattern bingo is a more advanced version of the traditional 75-ball bingo, as winning the prizes requires you to mark different patterns instead of simple lines. Those patterns generally differ from site to site, but most pattern bingo rooms retain the one-line wins and full-house wins known from the classic 75-ball game. However, you should keep in mind that the number of prizes usually won’t be the same for every room regardless of the network you choose. For example, one room might offer one-line wins, pattern wins and full-house wins, while another might come with one-line wins, sub-pattern wins, pattern wins and full-house wins.

80 Ball Bingo

80-ball bingo uses 16-square tickets composed of four rows and four columns. Each column is color coded and each square contains a number. The tickets are usually bought in five card strips. There are four kinds of wins in 80-ball bingo. Any-line win requires you to mark four numbers in a horizontal, vertical and diagonal line, but unlike in 75-ball bingo four corners and four middle squares usually also count. Two-line and three-line wins are achieved by marking respectively two and three vertical color-coded lines, while a full house requires all the numbers displayed on the ticket to be called.

30 Ball Bingo

30-ball bingo, also known as speed bingo, is played with a small, 3×3 card. The goal of this game is to mark the entire card, so there is only one prize per game, which makes 30-ball bingo significantly quicker than the other variants.

Multi-Variant Bingo

Multi-variant bingo games allow you to experience multiple versions of bingo without the necessity to switch rooms every single round. Each multi-variant bingo room rotates between predetermined bingo variants – some might alternate between 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo, but in most cases you’ll be able to play all three basic versions of the game.


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