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Moneygram® Online Casino Deposits

MoneyGram® banking isn’t all that popular in the online gambling industry, but that doesn’t change the fact that MoneyGram International is one of the most trusted and reliable cash transfer companies in the world. The company has over 250,000 outlets across 194 nations and offers numerous financial services, which range from electronic bill payment to check handling.

However, it’s the MoneyGram® money orders that are most relevant to our hobby, as they allow you to send your money to more than 100 countries with the help of your credit/debit card or bank account. Using MoneyGram® increases the safety of your online transactions and pretty much nullifies the risk of identity theft and fraud.

What really makes MoneyGram® worthy of the attention of most gambling enthusiasts is the fact that unlike a standard wire transfer or credit/debit card transaction, MoneyGram® money orders are guaranteed to go through without any interference on the part of your bank, which gives the US-based players a way to fund their online gambling accounts without having to worry about having their credit card refused.

The biggest downside of using MoneyGram® is the 1% transaction fee – while this might not sound like a lot, it’s more than enough to affect your long-term profitability.

Making a MoneyGram® Deposit

Once you join a MoneyGram®-friendly gambling site, your first step should be to obtain the recipient’s name and location. With this information, you can visit your local MoneyGram® outlet and complete the send form that you’ll receive there. When processing is complete, you will receive a special reference tracking number, which has to be entered in the cashier menu on your gambling site to let the staff know that the transaction has been completed.

Alternatively, you can finalize the operation without leaving the comfort of your home by visiting the official MoneyGram® website – in this case, you’ll usually have to deal with a $1500 maximum payment limit.

Usually, the funds that you’ve sent via MoneyGram® will be credited to your on-site account within an hour or two. Keep in mind that while some gambling sites might cover your transactional fees, more often than not, you will be required to pay them yourself. This means that relying on MoneyGram® too much is guaranteed to get fairly taxing on your wallet, so you should definitely consider using this method only when there are juicy bonuses that could compensate for the additional expenses.

MoneyGram® Payments in the United States

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 made it impossible for US-based players to fund their online gambling accounts using e-wallet services like Neteller or Skrill. Consequently, most gamblers switched to credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, or even American Express. Unfortunately, this method simply doesn’t guarantee success, as many of the transactions involving those cards are refused by the banks. Adding MoneyGram® to the equation guarantees that your payment will go through, which is very valuable for players who’d like to join the action without having to go through the hassle of finding a credit card that actually works.

Please note that the number of MoneyGram®-friendly online USA casinos is exceptionally limited, as only the biggest operators can afford hiring the additional staff necessary to handle all the deposits and cash out requests. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that while many sites offer MoneyGram® withdrawals, this option is usually reserved for customers who have already funded their gambling account using this method. Consequently, if you’ve made your deposit via a credit card payment, you might be stuck with the usual cash out options, such as traditional wire transfers and checks.

Best Online Casinos That Accept MoneyGram®

MoneyGram® money orders aren’t very popular outside the United States due to the fact that European players have more perfectly reliable banking options to choose from. After all, gamblers from Asia, Europe, and Australia are used to lightning fast and 100% reliable e-wallet transactions, so the added layer of security offered by MoneyGram® isn’t all that likely to convince them to pay the transaction fee.

However, some of the industry giants still support MoneyGram® deposits, allowing you to join some of the hottest poker, casino, and sports betting action on the web while simultaneously using one of the safest money transfer methods in the world. Those sites usually don’t have any deposit limits for MoneyGram® customers, which makes them particularly attractive for premium players and high-rollers who want to play the highest stakes without having to grind their way all the way to the top.

All things considered, MoneyGram® does an excellent job when it comes to filling a small niche on the gambling-related payment processing market, but in the end most Europe and Australia-based players are simply better off by sticking with the most popular banking options like Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, and PaySafeCard instead.

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